Making Paid Sick Days Work: Sharing Strategies Boston 2018 | Resources

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2018 Convening Resources: 

Caregiving for Chosen Family: Protecting Workers’ Rights

Engaging Employers to Effectively Enforce Paid Sick Days

The Private Bar and Impact of Supreme Court Decision on Mandatory Arbitration Provisions

Seattle OLS Employer Engagement to Enforce Paid Sick Days

Secure Scheduling Employer Implementation

Sample CA Deed of Trust 

Sample CA Settlement Agreement

Sample CA Settlement Terms 

Sample PSL Audit Template

NWLC Resource: Collateral Damage: Scheduling Challenges for Workers in Low-wage Jobs and their Consequences 

Fair Work Schedules: The Purpose of Fair Workweek Policies and Emerging Enforcement Issues

Seattle Secure Scheduling Ordinance Presentation

NWLC Resource: State and Local Laws Advancing Fair Work Schedules

Secure Scheduling Reflections

Fair Work Schedules: Hours and Income Volatility

NYC Fair Work Week Law Overview

Overview and Context 

Below are resources from the 2017 convening held in Washington, D.C.:

Sample Settlement Agreement

Model Paid Sick Days Enforcement Provisions 

Working with Community Based Organizations

Principles of Co-enforcement for Sick Days Enforcement

Models of Co-enforcement: Lessons from the CLEAN Carwash Campaign 

The 3.7 Rule: Remedy Calculation Rule

The 3.7 Rule: Audit Example Spreadsheet

Settlement Negotiations and Collections

Enforcing Safe Time

Data Tracking For Effective Enforcement 

Paid Sick Leave Investigations 

OLS Investigative Process 

WA State Paid Sick Leave Law Fact Sheet

City of Tacoma: Employment Standards Referral Guide 

Seattle Racial Equity Toolkit 

Sample Notice of Investigation

Sample Request for Information

Sample Excel Request for Information Spreadsheet