Christine Johnson-Staub
Senior Policy Analyst, Child Care and Early Education
Elizabeth Lower-Basch
Director of Income and Work Supports
Hannah Matthews
Deputy Executive Director for Policy
Isha Weerasinghe
Senior Policy Analyst, Youth
Jamie R. Riley
Director, Racial Equity
Katherine Gallagher Robbins
Director, Child Care and Early Education
Kisha Bird
Director of Youth Policy
Lauren Walizer
Senior Policy Analyst, Workforce Development and Postsecondary Education
Madison Hardee
Senior Policy Analyst/Attorney, Income and Work Supports
Nia West-Bey
Senior Policy Analyst, Youth
Olivia Golden
Executive Director
Pronita Gupta
Director of Job Quality
Rosa García
Director, Postsecondary Education and Workforce Development
Stephanie Schmit
Senior Policy Analyst, Child Care and Early Education
Suzanne Wikle
Project Director, Advancing Strategies for Aligning Programs (ASAP)
Tanya Goldman
Senior Policy Analyst/Attorney, Job Quality
Wendy Cervantes
Director, Immigration and Immigrant Families