Ashley Burnside

Policy Analyst, Income and Work Supports
Policy expertise: 
Adult and Postsecondary Education
Income and Work Supports
Refundable Tax Credits

Ashley Burnside is a policy analyst with the income and work supports team at CLASP. She focuses on increasing access to benefits like SNAP and Medicaid for college students with low incomes who face barriers to accessing higher education. Ashley also works on refundable tax credits and TANF. Prior to joining CLASP, Ashley was a Research Assistant on the Family Income Support Team at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities where she focused on TANF. In this role, Ashley helped write annual papers, provided state-specific resources to partners, managed communications efforts for the team, and helped plan a TANF advocate’s conference. Ashley also was a Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center. As a Hunger Fellow, she worked at a local food pantry in Denver Colorado where she registered food pantry clients to vote and at RESULTS in Washington D.C. where she researched refundable tax credits and the racial wealth gap. Ashley also was a Pedro Zamora Public Policy Fellow at AIDS United and has worked in LGBTQ advocacy previously. Ashley received her bachelor of arts degree in social theory and practice from the University of Michigan and wrote an honors thesis on the LGBTQ rights movement. She graduated magna cum laude and was a Point Foundation Scholar.