Career Opportunities

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization advancing policy solutions for people with low incomes.

For nearly 50 years, our deeply knowledgeable staff has lifted up the voices of children, families, and individuals with low incomes; equipped advocates and organizers with policy ideas that work; built coalitions and partnerships to advance a bold vision; and helped public officials put good ideas into practice.

CLASP is currently accepting applications for the following positions.

Chief of Staff

CLASP is looking for a Chief of Staff to help lead collaborative efforts that cut across the teams reporting to distinct Senior Leadership Team members.

Senior Finance Manager | Finance and Administration

CLASP seeks a Senior Finance Manager for the Finance and Administration team.

Director of Finance & Operations | Finance and Administration

CLASP seeks a Director of Finance & Operations for the Finance and Administration team.

Communications Manager | Communications

CLASP seeks a Communications Manager for the Communications team.

Policy Analyst | Education, Labor & Worker Justice

CLASP seeks a Policy Analyst for the Education, Labor & Worker Justice team.