Angela Parker

Director of Human Resources

Angela Parker is CLASP’s director of human resources. In this role she leads the organization’s human resources department with a focus on recruitment, onboarding, internal communications, employee wellbeing, and racial equity. Since assuming the role of human resources manager in 2016 and being promoted to senior human resources manager in 2019, Angela has led the restructuring of CLASP’s hiring process, prioritizing diversity and inclusion at all levels. She has also led several of the organization’s internal racial equity initiatives, including leading the process of bringing the entire CLASP staff to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.  Prior to joining CLASP, Angela worked at the National Alliance of Black School Educators working to promote educational pathways to success for Black students. She initially served as an administrative assistant and conference planner managing and led the day-to-day operations while the organization was recruiting for an executive director. She joined CLASP in 2001 as a program assistant and later served as the executive assistant to CLASP’s executive director Olivia Golden until taking over the human resources department in 2016. While at CLASP, Angela obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in foundation management with a minor in human resources from the University of Maryland. She also holds a certificate in foundation management. Additionally, Angela is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, which promotes pathways for upcoming leaders.