WEBINAR Seamless Renewals: Using Existing Data to Renew Benefits and Prevent Coverage Gaps

Many people lose Medicaid and SNAP benefits at renewal, often due to cumbersome renewal processes and unnecessary paperwork rather than a change in their eligibility status. States can reduce the number of eligible people losing benefits at renewal by maximizing the use of “ex parte” renewals. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states to attempt “ex parte” renewals to renew Medicaid using existing data before requiring enrollees to complete paperwork. On June 21, we held a webinar to discuss best practices for using ex parte renewals for Medicaid and how the process can be coordinated with SNAP to reduce the number of eligible people who lose Medicaid and SNAP at renewal.

Suzanne Wikle, Project Director – Advancing Strategies to Align Programs, The Center for Law and Social Policy
Tricia Brooks, Senior Fellow, Georgetown Center for Children and Families
Jennifer Wagner, Senior Policy Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

Webinar Materials:
Slideshow (PDF)
Making Medicaid Work Better: Lessons from States on Implementing Ex Parte Renewals, by Tricia Brooks
Opportunities for States to Coordinate Medicaid and SNAP Renewals, by Jennifer Wagner and Alicia Huguelet
Understanding the Rates, Causes, and Costs of Churning in SNAP, by G.Mills, T.Vericker, K.Lippold, L.Wheaton, S.Elkin
Lessons Churned: Measuring the Impact of Churn in Health and Human Services Programs on Participants and State and Local Agencies, by Dottie Rosenbaum