Technology and the Changing Nature of Low-Wage Work


On July 12, 2018 CLASP and Data & Society hosted a webinar on technology and the changing nature of low-wage work. 

Presenters were:
•    Aiha Nguyen, Data & Society;
•    Julia Ticona, Data & Society;
•    Alexandra Mateescu, Data & Society; and
•    Ceilidh Gao, National Employment Law Project

The webinar discussed Data & Society’s new research report, Beyond Disruption: How Tech Shapes Labor Across Domestic Work & Ridehailing. The study contributes new insights on the operation of labor platforms in different low-wage industries and raises important questions about the role of technology in restructuring work.

The discussion included the realities of low-wage work, both in the platform economy and more broadly. While it makes up a small percentage of the overall economy, platform work highlights how technology offers opportunities but also exacerbates risks and challenges low-wage workers already face. Presenters also discussed misclassification and broader implications of state legislative efforts to classify labor platform workers as independent contractors. Finally, the presenters considered the impact of technology on restructuring low-wage work and possible implications for labor standards policies, such as paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, and fair and predictable scheduling.

View the slides here.