Nat Baldino

Policy Analyst, Education, Labor & Worker Justice
Policy expertise: 
Education, Labor & Worker Justice
Job Quality and Work/Life

Nat is a policy analyst with the education, labor & worker justice team at CLASP, where he focuses on paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, fair scheduling, labor standards implementation and enforcement, and giving lived experience a voice in labor policy. He provides policy analysis and technical assistance for state and local agencies and advocates including worker centers, unions, and community-based organizations. Prior to joining CLASP, Nat earned low wages himself working with local grassroots organizations to organize workers in service industries paying low wages, focusing specifically on small businesses within the coffee industry. There, his organizing efforts were directed toward educating workers of their labor rights and creating transparency and accountability measures. Prior to his organizing work, Nat was a doctoral student and instructor at The University of Maryland in the department of women’s studies. He taught undergraduate courses in feminism and systems of power, focusing on transgender studies. He is a McNair Scholar and, in addition to his master’s degree in women’s studies from Maryland, Nat holds a B.A. with honors in philosophy from Knox College.