For Immediate Release: November 03, 2010

Time to Put Ideology Aside and Address the Needs of Ordinary Americans

Following is a statement by Alan W. Houseman, executive director of CLASP, the Center for Law and Social Policy, regarding the mid-term election.

"The mid-term election for 2010 is over and the policy climate has changed, but the underlying issues that affect low-income people and their families have not. The nation continues to face persistently high unemployment, and a mismatch between skills and available jobs. For low-skill workers and people of color, unemployment is at crisis levels.

"Less than two months ago, Census data revealed that a record number of people are living in poverty, with nearly one in four children under five living in poverty. Further, a record number of people are meeting their nutritional needs with Food Stamps, revealing just how widespread economic insecurity is in this nation.

"CLASP remains committed to working on policy solutions that improved the lives of low-income people. We will reach out to new members of the Congress and the new House leadership to convey the concerns of low-income people and their families. Now that the contentious election season is behind us, we strongly urge all policy makers to set ideology aside and work together to solve our nation's pressing problems and put in place policies that will improve the lives of ordinary people."  

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