For Immediate Release: March 25, 2009

CLASP Statement on House and Senate Budget Proposals

(Washington, D.C.) Following is a statement by Alan Houseman, executive director of the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), regarding chairmen recommendations for the House and Senate Budget Resolutions.

“We are pleased that both bills presented today by chairmen of the House and Senate Budget Committees reflect the priorities laid out by the President and include investments in health care reform, education, and clean energy, while committing to fiscal responsibility and reducing the federal deficit.

“The House proposal comes closer to levels of spending proposed by the President for programs that support low-income children, youth, and families. Long-term investments in our country’s children and support for families weathering the economic crisis are critical at this time and will help the country as a whole move toward economic recovery. As the respective Budget Committees revise and adopt their budget resolutions, members of Congress should follow Chairman Spratt’s lead and ensure a budget resolution that increases discretionary spending and supports the President’s priorities.”

 To view CLASP’s white paper on the budget, go to:


CLASP develops and advocates for policies at the federal, state and local levels that improve the lives of low-income people. We focus on policies that strengthen families and create pathways to education and work. Through careful research and analysis and effective advocacy, we develop and promote new ideas, mobilize others, and directly assist governments and advocates to put in place successful strategies that deliver results that matter to people across America.


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