State Trends in Drug-Testing TANF Recipients

August 31, 2011 | KPFK Radio |  Link to article

Governor of Florida Rick Scott in early June declared on CNN that "[s]tudies show that people on welfare are using drugs much higher [sic] than other people in the population." Politifact Florida, an online fact-checking project of the St. Petersburg Times, tried to verify his claim and found the Governor was inflating the statistics of one study, conducted over 10 years ago. Governor Scott had to backpedal and admit there was uncertainty around the hard numbers, but by that time he had already successfully secured a state law mandating drug testing for welfare applicants. An Orlando Sentinel Op-ed last week declared the nearly two month old law to be a failure, stating, "Scott's looking for drugs in all the wrong places." Only 2 percent of welfare applicants have tested positive so far.

CLASP Senior Policy Analyst, Elizabeth Lower-Basch, discusses with LA's KPFK Radio state trends in drug-testing TANF recipients. Listen online >>

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