Recommitting to Our Nation's Youth: Building on the Legacy of Youth Opportunity

March 04, 2010

The Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth Network will hold a briefing Sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow in partnership with CLASP, Campaign for Youth, First Focus, and the National Youth Employment Coalition. Initiated ten years ago on a broad scale, Youth Opportunity, a national federal grant program, supported collaborative community approaches to reaching and reconnecting youth who are disconnected from school and employment. This approach was so successful that despite the end of federal funding, communities worked to sustain the progress made. Now they have ten years of successes and experience to share insights that can inform the direction of policymaking and legislation for youth.  The briefing will highlight the successes of the Youth Opportunities program, demonstrate the legacy of the program in communities, and illustrate what is being done today as a result of those earlier federal investments. It will also serve to raise awareness of the existing gaps in youth services and the need for federal investments to support communities in reconnecting youth.

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