CLASP 2021 Policy Agenda for the New Administration

CLASP 2021 Policy Agenda for the New Administration

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Since his inauguration on January 20, President Biden has been taking rapid action to reverse damage done by the Trump Administration by signing numerous executive orders and proposing legislative responses. Several of these executive actions and legislative responses include policy recommendations contained in ten papers that CLASP prepared during November and December for the Biden-Harris transition teams and newly entering officials.

While the specific details in these papers may no longer be up to date, they provide an overall rationale and plan for immediate action that lays the groundwork for transformational change. These papers provide recommendations for immediate steps to 1) eradicate the devastation created by the Trump Administration, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing recession and 2) advance beyond those necessary initial steps to repair damage toward healing and structural change. Our proposals focus on supporting people with low incomes and advancing racial equity as a priority, and they reflect throughout a commitment to BOTH immediate action AND larger reform.

CLASP is pleased to see the administration move with urgency to address many of the harmful policies that have devastated communities of color and people with low incomes.

Our papers address:

Jan 1, 2021 | Report/Brief | Pronita Gupta

True economic recovery will require building back highquality jobs in all sectors—here is a set of CLASP recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration.

Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration to address to ensure economic recovery that supports students with low incomes. 

Dec 1, 2020 | Report/Brief | Kisha Bird

These policy recommendations address health and mental health, employment and economic security, education and career pathways, justice and safe communities, and child care for youth and young adults in America. 

This report details CLASP's recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration to fight poverty, hunger, and the health care crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic and recession have taken this simmering crisis and turned it into an explosive boil, demanding immediate response from the Biden-Harris Administration.

Dec 1, 2020 | Report/Brief | Duy Pham

The Biden-Harris Administration must undertake criminal justice reform with an obligation to divest from systems of oppression and invest in the healing of historically oppressed communities.

Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration to address our current mental health crisis. 

Recommendations for urgent actions the Biden-Harris Administration should take to address the child care and early learning crisis to ensure the health and safety of early educators and families during COVID

Nov 30, 2020 | Report/Brief | Wendy Cervantes

A set of recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration to address the harm to children in immigrant families have been through.