Ability to Benefit (ATB)

Ability to Benefit (ATB)

Oct 10, 2018 | Report/Brief | Lauren Walizer

This brief encourages states to develop a state-defined process to utilize Ability to Benefit (ATB).

Presentation from Lauren Walizer at the National Council for Workforce Education 2016 Conference.

Testimony by Lauren Walizer to the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

Mar 23, 2012 | Fact Sheet | CLASP

This FAQ explains how rescinding the "Ability to Benefit" option in federal student aid has reduced access to, and completion of, postsecondary education.

Mar 15, 2011 | Fact Sheet | CLASP

Students without a high school diploma or GED long have had the opportunity to show they have the “ability to benefit” from federal student aid by passing a federally approved test for which the federal government sets pass scores and defines testing procedures. More recently, Congress created a new Ability-to-Benefit (AtB) option, which allows these students to qualify for financial aid after successfully completing six credits toward a certificate or degree, instead of taking an AtB test.