Refocusing Adult Education on Career and Postsecondary Success

This analysis highlights key provisions in multiple proposals to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act, explaining how each bill strengthens or weakens the overall goal of reforucing title II on career and postsecondary success.  We organize the brief by CLASP’s four core priorities in adult education:

  • To align services and improve outcomes across workforce development, postsecondary education, and adult education/English as a Second Language;
  • To incent and encourage innovation in promising practices, such as career pathways, contextualization, dual or concurrent enrollment, and integrated basic education and occupational skills training;
  • To develop a national research center for adult education to advance promising practices and expand and improve the body of evidence-based research; and
  • To fund title II to meet the growing demand for adult education and English language services.
To learn more, read the full brief by Marcie Foster.