Pandemic Child Care Relief Funds: Documenting Impact Across Four States

In September 2023 and 2024, states will face the deadlines for spending their federal pandemic child care relief funds. As this first fiscal cliff looms, state child care agencies, child care providers, and families with young children will face major challenges in providing and accessing care due to the continued crisis of a vastly underfunded child care system.  

This project aims to provide a deeper understanding of the impact that federal COVID child care relief funds have already had across four states: Louisiana, Michigan, New York, and Virginia. The project outlines the successes and challenges of the implementation process and highlights how the funding ultimately made a difference in shaping the lives of families and child care providers. To inform the project, the CLASP team interviewed 10 state government staff, nine advocates, and five providers across the four states as well as five parents in Louisiana (one of which was also a provider)

These resources outline the progress that is at stake without a significant, permanent increase in federal funding.