Child Care Assistance Landscape: Inequities in Federal and State Eligibility and Access

By Alycia Hardy, Stephanie Schmit, and Rachel Wilensky

National Report

This report analyzes variations in eligibility and access to Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) subsidies in 2020. State decisions on implementation within the CCDBG program, along with historically insufficient federal and state funding, limit parents’ access to child care assistance. We analyze state-level Administration for Children and Families CCDBG participation data by state, race, and ethnicity, with analysis on both state and federal income eligibility limits. As an update to our previous report with 2019 CCDBG data on inequitable access, this iteration includes a new analysis of data on potentially eligible children, or children who qualify for receiving CCDBG assistance based on the outlined eligibility requirements.


National State-Level Income Eligibility Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines CCDGB subsidy eligibility and receipt for children ages 0-13 across the country, analyzing national totals including variations by race and ethnicity, based on state income eligibility.


State-by-State Fact Sheets

Inequitable Access to Child Care Subsidies by State in 2020

These fact sheets outline CCDBG subsidy eligibility and receipt for children ages 0-13 in each state, including variations by race and ethnicity. (See note below about states marked with *, indicating data limitations.)

Alabama Nebraska
Alaska Nevada
Arizona New Hampshire*
Arkansas New Jersey
California New Mexico
Colorado* New York
Connecticut* North Carolina
Delaware North Dakota
District of Columbia* Ohio*
Florida Oklahoma
Georgia** Oregon
Hawaii Pennsylvania*
Idaho Rhode Island*
Illinois* South Carolina
Indiana South Dakota
Iowa* Tennessee
Kansas Texas*
Kentucky Utah*
Louisiana Vermont*
Maine* Virginia
Maryland Washington*
Massachusetts* West Virginia
Michigan Wisconsin*
Minnesota Wyoming


* Due to data limitations, including sample size limitations in the American Community Survey and/or missing and/or invalid CCDF data from the Administration for Children and Families, we were unable to conduct analyses on potential eligibility and CCDBG access for all racial and ethnic groups in the indicated states.
** Georgia, which did not report any data on race and ethnicity, is excluded from all state and national race and ethnicity analyses, and thus does not have a state fact sheet.