Our Children’s Fear: Immigration Policy’s Effects on Young Children (Webinar)

In 2017, CLASP conducted interviews and focus groups with early care and education providers, community-based social service providers, and immigrant parents of young children in six states about the current immigration climate.

What we found was deeply troubling. Across the country, young children in immigrant families are living in fear and struggling to access health, nutrition, and early education programs.

This webinar presents findings from two CLASP reports: Our Children’s Fear: Immigration Policy’s Effects on Young Children, which is broadly focused on immigrant children and families, and Immigration Policy’s Harmful Impacts on Early Care and Education. We explain how immigration policy is affecting young children and their parents as well as early childhood educators. We also provide recommendations for stakeholders at all levels to safeguard the wellbeing of children in immigrant families.

Presenters include Wendy Cervantes, Hannah Matthews, and Rebecca Ullrich.