Job Schedules: Child Care and Subsidies

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Job schedules, particularly volatile schedules, can create and exacerbate challenges low-income parents face accessing child care and child care assistance. Parents who are lucky enough to secure a child care subsidy too often have a tough time holding onto their subsidy or their caregivers when they have erratic job schedules. On this call you’ll learn more about the kinds of problems parents face at the nexus of volatile schedules and access to child care, how parents cope when they lose their subsidies, what subsidy policies and practices could enhance more stable child care and other tips on how to address the intersection of job schedules and child care. It’s a chance to ask experts about action steps you can take in your community and state as well as at the federal level.

This national audio conference, hosted by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and co-sponsored with the Center for Popular Democracy and the National Women’s Law Center, features:

  • Julia Henly, University of Chicago;
  • Hannah Matthews, CLASP; and
  • Helen Blank, National Women’s Law Center.