Tralonne Shorter

Director of Legislative Affairs

Tralonne Shorter is the director of legislative affairs (she/her/her’s). As the chief lobbyist, Tralonne leads CLASP’s strategic engagement with Congress across policy teams. Tralonne brings more than two decades as a passionate advocate for gender and racial justice with experience on the Hill and at the federal and state levels. She joined CLASP from NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice where she served as the Senior Government Relations Advocate. In this role, she co-led NETWORK’s government relations department and its strategy, message, and policy development. Tralonne has significant experience cultivating relationships with legislative offices and policymakers in this and previous roles. Prior to NETWORK, Tralonne held leadership roles at UNCF, the YWCA USA, the office of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg, and Beloved Community, LLC, a civic engagement advocacy firm she founded.  Tralonne earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Howard University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree with a concentration in social justice and human rights at George Mason University. Tralonne serves on the Board of Directors for the Committee for Education Funding, as well as other civic committees throughout her community.