Teon Hayes

Policy Analyst, Public Benefits Justice
Policy expertise: 
Public Benefits Justice
Racial Equity

Teon Hayes is a policy analyst with the public benefits justice team at CLASP. She is passionate about helping communities historically marginalized by public policy overcome systemic barriers. Within her policy expertise, she brings an understanding of the need to incorporate lived experience and center racial equity. Prior to joining CLASP, Teon served as an educator in traditional and non-traditional schools. Her responsibilities quickly escalated as she was awarded leadership opportunities. As a Director of Enrollment and Admissions, Teon worked closely with administrators to effectively implement culturally relevant standards, policies, and programs. Originally from North Carolina, Teon moved to Maryland to attain a bachelor’s degree in political science from Morgan State University and a master’s in teaching, learning, policy, and leadership from the University of Maryland. When she is not in the office, Teon enjoys painting and writing poetry.