Claudia Hernandez

Communications Manager

Claudia Hernandez is CLASP’s communications manager. She brings several years of experience in non-profit communications, spanning issues across reproductive justice, immigration, and climate policy. Claudia formerly served as a communications associate at an international organization focused on energy efficiency policy (also called CLASP), where she supported the dissemination of policy insights, research, and tools across international outlets. Prior to this, she was a part of the communications team at the Center for Global Energy Policy in New York City. Claudia earned a bachelor of arts in sociology from Scripps College in Claremont, California, and a master of arts in sociology from the Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. While a student, she volunteered with Los Angeles Planned Parenthood to lead a local Generation Action chapter and was a fellow of the Scripps Humanities Institute. She has presented her research at several conferences, including the Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association National Conference.