Alisha Saxena

Policy Analyst, Child Care and Early Education Policy

Alisha Saxena is a policy analyst with CLASP’s child care and early education team. She recently graduated with her Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University, and she has an extensive background in policy analysis, writing, and mixed-methods research. Prior to joining CLASP, Alisha was a policy consultant with the Society for Research in Child Development, where she supported child care research and policy for underserved communities. She also worked as a research associate at RepresentWomen, where she supported women’s representation in politics from an intersectional lens, and interned at the AARP with the caregiving division. She has successfully advocated for disability justice within the spaces of higher education and political campaigns. Alisha completed her B.A. in Political Science-Public Law, along with a minor in African American Studies, at the University of California, San Diego.