Statement from CLASP on 2016 Election

Washington, D.C.—After this week’s election our country must do some needed soul searching about—among many other things—our shared values of equity, inclusion, and fairness. And we must seek a path forward that will ensure the promise of America is open to all, particularly those who are marginalized and struggling for economic security. Here at the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) we believe our mission—promoting federal, state, and local policies that reduce poverty, improve the lives of poor people, and promote economic and racial justice—is more important than ever.

In pursuit of that mission, we will work with all who are interested in advancing positive solutions at the national, state, or local levels, to move forward an affirmative vision of racial and economic justice, to combat blame and threats that target people of color, immigrants, and women, and to build a wider understanding of the practical policy and implementation steps that can support economic security for all Americans and provide opportunity to all our children. 

We will fight back against efforts to undo the policy accomplishments that have enabled important progress in reducing poverty—such as President-elect Trump’s vows to repeal Executive Orders and regulations that help low-income workers and his pledge to tear down the Affordable Care Act.

And we commit to working closely with a wide range of advocacy partners, including legal advocates and community and worker organizers, not only to shape the vision but also to hold public officials accountable for choosing policies that work and implementing them fairly, effectively, and equitably. 

Positive change will require that our nation comes together to seek progress, unity, and inclusion by truly hearing the voices of all. It will also require that we protect basic civil rights and ensure the marginalized are not pushed further to the edges.  As President Obama said in his post-Election Day remarks, we must move forward in good faith.

CLASP is committed to working with others who understand the importance of supporting poor and low-income people in their pursuit of economic security. The strength of our overall economy depends on the success of all.

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CLASP is a national, nonpartisan, anti-poverty organization advancing policy solutions that work for low-income people. With nearly 50 years of trusted expertise, a deeply knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to practical yet visionary approaches to opportunity for all, CLASP lifts up the voices of poor and low-income children, families, and individuals, equips advocates with strategies that work, and helps public officials put good ideas into practice. The organization’s solutions directly address the barriers that individuals and families face because of race, ethnicity, and immigration status, in addition to low income. For more information, visit and follow @CLASP_DC.