Record jobless drives more people to food pantries

By Michael Cousineau


During a webinar before the New Hampshire College & University Council this week, the topic of student hunger insecurity centered on getting eligible students signed up for federal and state aid programs and convincing more students to share their needs with college staff.

The guest speaker said academic institutions receiving money from the federal CARES Act to counter the pandemic’s economic fallout should target funds for hungry students.

“Perhaps, you’re better coordinating those academic and financial and social service provisions together or you’re co-locating those services on your campus, so that in the long term, it makes the process more efficient for students, and it really helps you all do a better job of serving them in the future,” said Lauren Walizer, a senior policy analyst with the postsecondary education and workforce development team at the Center for Law and Social Policy, which advances policy solutions for low-income people.


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