Opinion: Trump Is Traumatizing Children. California Must Protect Them

By Mayra E. Alvarez


“Educators have expressed that, as a result of fears and anxieties related to immigration enforcement, students are not performing as well academically, are not showing up to school and are not accessing resources that they have previously. The Center on Law and Social Policy reports that children as young as 3 years old are expressing to their teachers their fear of being separated from their parents, even if their parents are not at risk of deportation. Early childhood providers said their children are experiencing increased separation anxiety during drop-offs, aggressive behavior, increased hyperactivity, decreased engagement and social withdrawal.  

Too many young children in California—the large majority of whom are citizens—are experiencing significant stress that hinders their ability to focus on learning, makes their daily lives unstable and creates obstacles to getting their basic needs met.”

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Source URL: https://www.calhealthreport.org/2019/12/12/trump-is-traumatizing-children-california-must-protect-them/