ICE raids throw schools into disorder

By Manasee Joshi


Executive director at the Center for Law and Social Policy, Olivia Golden, puts forth a worrisome picture. According to her, the sudden takedown by ICE officials has triggered a frightening psychological trauma among young children as they do not have any information on their parents’ whereabouts and do not know for sure, when will they be united with their families.

ICE raids out of line claims Golden

She further points out that the raids conducted were totally out of the line. Besides notifying families of an expected release date, they are supposed to consider the discharge of those who are the sole caretakers of children, disabled or terminally ill relatives.

Golden denounces the extensive attacks by highlighting the reckless and irresponsible behavior of ICE agents, who not only went on to disseminate unwarranted chaos but also paid no heed to children’s’ safety and readiness of schools and social service agencies in dealing with this catastrophe. 

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