How LaTonya Tate Became One of Alabama’s Top Voices on Criminal Justice Reform

By Birmingham Times 


Everyone who works for AJI has been affected the criminal justice system in some way, including Tate, who is often called upon to speak on panels as an expert on probation and parole reform. She has written nationally that she is “the mother of a formerly incarcerated son, who went to prison at the age of 19 and is on supervised parole until 2021.”

“This fight for fair justice for my son and all those impacted by the mass incarceration crisis is dear to me,” she wrote in a blog post for the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) earlier this year. “I am a drum major and a voice for those fighting for policies that will change the collateral consequences that keep people living in poverty and prevent them from participating in our democracy and getting a second chance to be productive citizens in their communities.”


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