Finally, a debate question on child care: Here’s how candidates (& Twitter) responded

By Maressa Brown


Despite the fact that there’s a child care crisis facing many families around the country, four presidential debates have been held in which moderators failed to broach the topic of child care and paid family leave. 

Like health care and climate change, it’s an issue that continues to create undue stress for Americans. Most parents with children under 5 — a whopping 83% — say it’s a problem to find quality, affordable child care in their area, according to a 2018 study from the Center for American Progress. And when families do find that quality care, it’s taking far too high a toll on their financial stability. Seventy percent of families are paying child care rates the government defines as unaffordable, and nearly half of families spend 15% or more of their household income on care, according to the 2019 Cost of Care survey.

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