Elon University expenses exceeded projections during fall semester

By Kyra O’Connor 


However, increasing tuition would be counterproductive to the university’s stated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, according to Asha Banerjee, a policy analyst for the Center for Law and Social Policy, which studies issues related to racial and economic justice. By increasing tuition, universities close themselves off to historically marginalized populations, Banerjee said. One of Elon’s stated goals for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts debuted in the fall was to increase minority student enrollment.

“Universities need to find this money from somewhere, but squeezing it out of the very people who they are entrusted to care for and provide an education and a home for should not be the solution,” Banerjee said.


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Source URL: https://www.elonnewsnetwork.com/article/2021/02/elon-expenses-exceed-projections