A Call to Action: Youth, Young Adults & Allies’ Community Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately disrupted the livelihoods and economic stability of many youth and young adults. Prior to the crisis, young people ages 18-24 accounted for approximately 25 percent of workers with low wages and a disproportionate share of the unemployed. The mounting economic stress and hyperreactive police state are widening the health equity gap for young people and communities of color today by creating barriers to necessary mental health services. The financial downturn caused by the COVID-19 crisis will only make it more difficult for youth and young adults who are facing structural barriers to finding quality jobs and careers.

Hear from community leaders and young people from across the nation on how they are responding to this pandemic. Learn what you can do to urge policymakers to invest in programs that—now more than ever—address the needs of youth and young people.

This conversation is intended for young people and the adult allies who support them.

May 19th, 5:30-7:30 pm ET

Watch Recording:


  • Marlén Mendoza (@mmendoza_IC), Consultant with Center for Law and Social Policy
  • Isabella Madrigal (@isabella.madrigall), Co-founder Native Storytelling Project
  • Jamira Burley (@JamiraBurley), Head of Youth & Skills with Global Business Coalition for Education
  • Sixto Cancel (@Sixtocancel), CEO of Think of us
  • Lashon Amado (@Lashon_YB), Project Director with Opportunity Youth United
  • Tiffany Loftin (@Tiffanydloftin), National Director for Youth and College Division, NAACP
  • Dr. Cathy Cohen (@cathyjcohen), Principle Investigator of Genforward Survey (@GenForward_UChi) & Professor of Political Science at University of Chicago
  • Jonathan Lykes (@jonathanlykes), Partnership Lead with Genforward Survey & Co-founder of Black Youth Project 100
  • Chris, C-STEEZE (@showtime_chris), Spoken Word Artist
  • Ricardo Chavez, (@DAOK_OKC) Programs Director with Dream Action Oklahoma
  • Aaron Armer (@yoncesboo), Street Team Ambassador & Sacramento Community Action Team Member with Alliance for Education Solutions (@sacramentoyouthalliancecat)
  • Mirah Marcus Garcia (@MarcusMirah), Young Parent Advisory Council with National Crittenton Foundation 
  • Kristen Powell, Member of Emerging Leaders Commitee with Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ)
  • Chikeng Lee, Young Adult Furloughed Worker, Oakdale, MN 


Read more about CLASP and partner resources for youth, young adults, and COVID-19


What Can You Do? Five Call to Action Resources

  • Join the Reconnecting Youth Campaign and ensure young people are centered in any upcoming stimulus packages—workforce pathways, jobs, mental health supports—sign on our letter and get involved!
  • Contact your state local elected officials, hold them accountable and ask them about stimulus relief bills and state guidance for COVID-19. See  
  • Fill out the census! Ensure your community is counted to receive federal funds. It’s your community’s money—claim it! NAACP #BeCounted its quick and easy fill it out here.
  • Register to vote and bring your voice to the ballot box in November – pay attention to your local primaries (local elections) and issues your state is voting on down the ballot in November. Register to Vote with Rock the Vote! Voter registration time takes an average of two minutes or less to complete.
  • Add your voice in support of decarceration! Demand a just and humane response to the outbreak and sign on to Humanity not Cages platform led by Color of Change.