CLASP Responds to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly acute implications for people with low incomes who have been most affected by the failures of the health system and the economy before the crisis. Read more about how CLASP is actively engaged in advocating for policies as our country addresses this public health crisis.


(March 27) The Next Coronavirus Bill Must Address Immigrants, Youth, Other Overlooked Populations

(March 26) Coronavirus Bill Offers Relief to People with Low Incomes. Next Bill Must Do More, Include Immigrants.

(March 23) Federal Response to Coronavirus Public Health and Economic Crisis Must Prioritize People with Low Incomes 

(March 18) Much More to Do for People with Low Incomes, Despite Senate Passage of Families First Act 

(March 14) House Coronavirus Bill Is Important First Step, But Low-Income People Need More Support

(March 12) House Response to COVID-19 Is First Step to Address Needs of People with Low Incomes

(March 12) Letter to the Office of Child Care on COVID-19

(March 11) COVID-19 Child Care Stimulus Request Letter to Congress

(March 11) Testimony on Importance of Healthy Families Act in Light of COVID-19

(March 6) Lawmakers Recognize Urgent Need for Paid Sick Days in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak


Resources by Policy Issue:

Child Care and Early Childhood Education

(April 3) Forgivable Loans for Child Care Providers Through the CARES Act

(April 2) COVID-19 and State Child Care Assistance Programs

(March 26) $3.5 Billion for Child Care in Coronavirus Package is Not Enough: How States Will Fare

(March 24) The Senate must make significant investments to address child care needs during the Coronavirus crisis

(March 23) Ensuring Young Children Have Healthy Meals During the Coronavirus Pandemic

(March 18) Policymaking Principles for Supporting Child Care and Early Education Through the Coronavirus Crisis


Criminal Justice

(April 3) COVID-19 Response Must Include Youth and Adults Impacted by the Criminal Justice System


Income and Work Supports

(April 2) WEBINAR: Implications of COVID-19 Response Provisions and Public Benefits

(March 19) CLASP’s State Recommendations for SNAP COVID-19 Response

(March 19) Ensuring Food Aid During Coronavirus Crisis


Job Quality and Work Life

(March 30) Paid Sick Days and Paid Leave Provisions in FFCRA and CARES Act


Federal Spending Priorities

(March 23) Federal Response to Coronavirus Public Health and Economic Crisis Must Prioritize People with Low Incomes 

(March 11) Coronavirus: A Public Health Crisis That Threatens the Economic Security of Low-Income People


Health Care

(March 23) 10 Years of the Affordable Care Act – An important tool in the COVID response

(March 19) Ensuring Food Aid During Coronavirus Crisis


Postsecondary Education and Workforce Development

(March 20) Protecting Student Loan Borrowers and Their Families



(March 27) Next Coronavirus package must do more for youth and young adults


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