CLASP 2020-2021 Impact Report

In 2020, the tragic impact of the global pandemic and recession on families’ lives increased demand for our work across the board–new ideas in Congress, technical assistance to federal and state agencies, and partnerships with our advocacy colleagues. 

We put forth ideas during this period that we’ve been advancing for decades and that are now on the cusp of happening. We’re proud of the groundbreaking work we did in 2020 and much of 2021. Here’s a snapshot: the precedent-setting recovery plan passage and its impact on families, communities, and sectors; innovative collaborations with dynamic leaders and organizations; thoughtful approaches to addressing policy implementation and access; and the strategic engagement with the Biden-Harris Administration.

At the core of CLASP efforts are our staff, leadership, board, networks, and partners–a diverse universe of national, state, and local organizations, community leaders, activists, individuals with lived experiences, and supporters like you. 

Sustained investments in CLASP have allowed us to navigate challenging times and evolve stronger in our anti-poverty and racial equity journey. We hope this report sheds light on our impact in fueling a broader social and economic justice vision. 


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