Hannah Matthews

Director of Child Care and Early Education Policy Expertise Federal and state child care and early education policies, cultural competency, child care subsidies

Hannah Matthews is director of the child care and early education team at CLASP. She works at the federal and state levels on child care and early education promoting policies that support both healthy child development and the needs of low-income working parents. Ms. Matthews' expertise is in the areas of child care subsidies, cultural competency, infants and toddlers, and early childhood systems. She has written extensively about financing high quality early care and education systems, the federal child care subsidy program and its importance for low-income families, and state and local policies to create and implement high quality early childhood programs.

She is the author or co-author of numerous publications, including several publications on immigrant families' access to early education, reports on the use of Title I funds for early childhood programs, and analyses of federal and state child care subsidy policies. Ms. Matthews previously held policy analyst and senior policy analyst roles at CLASP. Prior to CLASP, Ms. Matthews held research assistant positions at the National Assembly of Health and Human Service Organizations, the Levitan Center for Social Policy Studies, and Voices for America's Children. She also worked at Human Rights Watch. Ms. Matthews earned a master's degree in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's degree from The George Washington University.

Follow her on Twitter: @hnmatthews.

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