EVENT: A Conversation on Youth Economic Mobility, Equity, and Justice

A Conversation on Youth Economic Mobility, Equity, and Justice

April 16, 2019

If you missed the event, watch the replay!

On April 16, 2019, CLASP hosted a discussion on economic mobility, equity, and justice for young men and women of color.

The event featured Congresswoman Lucy McBath and Ian Bridgeforth, founder and executive director of Georgia Shift.


Young people are being undermined by pervasive inequality and low investment in their communities. That’s why our policies and systems are in desperate need of change.

Across Georgia, over 15 percent of youth ages 16 to 24 are disconnected from school and work. In the Atlanta region specifically (Georgia’s 4th and 5th Congressional districts), 1 in 10 youth aren’t working or in school. What’s more, young people are coming of age in a period of mass incarceration, where deadly interactions with law enforcement are becoming more visible and resentment toward immigrants is being rapidly normalized.

Despite serious threats to their wellbeing, youth remain firmly committed to equal justice, economic mobility, and healing for themselves and their communities. Young people can lead the way to a more just America. Together, we have the power to change the dialogue for future generations.

CLASP stands in solidarity with advocates, policymakers, and young people who are taking these challenges head on. We’re committed to building partnerships and reconstructing policies to implement a vision of America where everyone has opportunity regardless of their race, gender, immigration status, or zip code.

This was the first in a series of events marking CLASP’s 50th anniversary. Since 1969, we’ve been at the forefront of social policy reform. Now we’re laying out a bold vision for the next 50 years while celebrating what we’ve achieved over five decades. Click here to learn more.

Don’t have time for the full event? Watch a segment!

Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Ian Bridgeforth, and Kisha Bird

David Dodson

LaVeeda Battle

Audra Cunningham

Lesley Grady

Katrina Mitchell and Daniel Rosebud

Olivia Golden