CLASP Supports Washington State’s 1332 Waiver Application to Remove Federal Barriers to Health Coverage for Immigrants

CLASP submitted a public comment in support of Washington State’s request to the federal government to allow all Washington residents, regardless of immigration status, to access health coverage through the state’s Washington Healthplanfinder website:

In Washington State today, many immigrants go without critical health care because they are structurally excluded from affordable health coverage. Over 100,000 of Washington’s immigrant residents lack insurance today due to this systemic inequity. Left with no recourse, many of these community members currently forgo needed care until it becomes an emergency. Without insurance, people are more likely to have poor health status, be hospitalized for preventable conditions and acute illnesses, and die prematurely. This results in a higher utilization of emergency care, resulting in higher overall cost burdens to hospitals and local jurisdictions. The barriers faced by immigrant families are further compounded by poverty. We strongly support Washington’s proposed waiver because it offers a pathway to a healthier future.