CLASP Supports New Mexico’s 1115 Waiver Extension Request

CLASP submitted a public comment in support of New Mexico’s request to CMS to renew the state’s Section 1115 Medicaid demonstration waiver. We specifically applauded and lifted up the following portions of New Mexico’s proposed demonstration renewal:

  • Provide Continuous Enrollment for Children up to Age Six
  • Expand Home and Community-Based services Community Benefit (CB) Enrollment Opportunities through Additional Waiver Slots
  • Medicaid Services for High-Need Justice Involved Populations 30 Days before Release

CLASP supports New Mexico’s waiver application, particularly its proposals in support of the state’s goal to identify groups that have been historically and intentionally disenfranchised and address health disparities through strategic program changes to enable an equitable chance at living healthy lives.

Read the comment here.