Measuring Success: Career Pathways Research

This brief by Tim Harmon focuses on career pathway research. It’s important that we have a solid understanding of what works in career pathways, what doesn’t work, and which components of the career-pathways model are essential to success. The good news is that we’ve begun to answer some of these questions. The initial results are promising. However, we have a lot more to learn, and career pathways researchers have identified many unanswered questions that are worthy of further investigation.

This is the second brief in a series called Maximizing the Power of Career Pathways, which focus on strategies to better define, develop, and promote career pathways. They’re informed by CLASP’s July convening co-hosted by the Workforce Collaborative of the Greater Washington Community Foundation. It brought together state education and workforce development leaders, national organizations, advocates, funders, and federal agency staff to share perspectives on critical areas of career pathway work.

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