Addressing and Preventing Retaliation and Immigration-Based Threats to Workers

CLASP and the Center for Innovation in Worker Organization at Rutgers have released a guide on addressing and preventing retaliation and immigration-based threats to workers. Preventing and immediately addressing retaliation is critical to protecting the rule of law and workers’ rights. Immigrants—particularly undocumented immigrants—may be particularly susceptible to retaliation because their employers can exploit fear of deportation to discourage them from reporting legal violations and protesting unlawful conditions.

In this guide, enforcement agencies, advocates, and policymakers will find information about the types of retaliation workers experience, particular considerations for protecting immigrant workers, practical strategies and techniques to prevent and remedy retaliation, and legislative and regulatory tools to further protect all workers and uphold the rule of law.

This is the fifth brief in our Labor Standards Enforcement series, which highlights promising practices and innovative ideas for implementing and enforcing labor standards. The briefs and corresponding webinars provide examples of how to successfully leverage partnerships between agencies, community-based organizations, and the private bar as well as insights for advocates seeking to improve the legislative tools available to enforce laws.