Children in Immigrant Families Health Snapshot 2023

We proudly partnered with the The Children’s Partnership and the California Protecting Immigrant Families (CA-PIF) campaign to release a new fact sheet spotlighting the health of children in immigrant families in California.

Children in immigrant families in California are a racially and ethnically diverse population who bring a wealth of cultural and linguistic assets to our state. While we acknowledge that health inequities that exist within the immigrant community are overlooked, the data presented in this fact sheet highlights some of the unique issues that children in immigrant families face in California that shape their health and well-being, including COVID-19, mental health, health coverage and access, economic well-being and more. The fact sheet also highlights protective factors – conditions or attributes that help mitigate or eliminate risks to health – that can support the lifelong success of children in immigrant families, including multilingualism, family cohesion and connection to heritage/culture.

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