Build Back Better Advances Equity for Children and Families

By Hannah Matthews and Priya Pandey

The Build Back Better Act includes a comprehensive set of policies that will advance racial equity and invest in our nation’s children, families, and economy. In the midst of a national care crisis, families need investments across care programs, including investments in child care, tax credits, and paid family and medical leave. These programs are all crucial and address unique and urgent caregiving and economic needs. When combined with funding for health, mental health, nutrition, and good jobs—along with a pathway to citizenship—they are essential to delivering an equitable economic recovery for all. Here’s how the BBB Act’s investments in care will help children and families:

  • Expands Access to Affordable, High-Quality Child Care and Pre-Kindergarten for Young Children 
  • Improves the Child Tax Credit to Keep Millions of Children out of Poverty  
  • Creates a Universal Paid Family and Medical Leave Program 

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