White House, Congress have not given any hazard pay to the medical workers they call heroes

By Jeff Stein and Heather Long


When Congress mandated that most companies provide at least two weeks of paid sick leave for employees who are exposed to the coronavirus or are advised to stay home by a medical professional, the final bill excluded people working for a “health-care provider” or “emergency responder.” The Labor Department got to define what constitutes a “health-care provider,” and the definition is so broad it can include janitors working at a hospital for third-party companies, said Tanya L. Goldman, an attorney at the Center for Law and Social Policy. The New York attorney general filed a lawsuit against the Labor Department to try to scale back the definition.


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Source URL: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/04/30/white-house-congress-have-not-given-any-hazard-pay-medical-workers-despite-calling-them-heroes/