U.S. domestic workers seen better off under Biden presidency

By Ellen Wulfhorst


Campaigners urged Biden to make quick headway on implementing his pledges, especially on making paid family and sick leave available to more low-income caregivers, almost all of whom are women – many of them immigrants or women of color.

“There’s a whole invisible group of workers who ensure that the rest of the economy functions,” said Pronita Gupta, director of job quality at the Center for Law and Social Policy, a non-profit.

“If we actually build policies around those workers, actually all workers benefit at the end of the day because it trickles up,” she said.


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Source URL: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-workers-trfn/u-s-domestic-workers-seen-better-off-under-biden-presidency-idUSKBN27S2FB