Senate Democrats Press For $50 Billion Child Care Bailout In Next Stimulus

By Emily Peck


Smith and Warren first sent a similar letter to Senate leadership ahead of the passage of the CARES ACT, the $2 trillion stimulus passed in late March. That legislation included $3.5 billion for child care providers ― far less than what experts believe is needed.

According to a report released last week from the Center for Law and Social Policy, it would cost $9.6 billion a month to sustain providers through the pandemic.

Smith and Warren published a Medium post about their plan for a $50 billion child care bailout on April 15.

The senators want to use the money to fund the child care centers that are open now to serve the children of essential workers. These operations are struggling because fewer kids are coming for care, and because it costs more to implement the proper safety precautions necessary to handle coronavirus concerns ― think masks, temperature checks, longer operating hours and more intensive cleaning procedures.

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