‘Public Charge’ Immigration Rule On Hold, Still Sowing Fear

By Michael J. Fitzgerald


Madison Allen of the Center for Law and Social Policy said if the federal court injunctions halting implementation of the new DHS rules are lifted, any cases currently being considered will continue to be judged under the terms of the 1999 law.

Allen indicated that it’s likely the legal wrangling could go on for a long time, keeping the new rules from being implemented. Three of the five federal injunctions keep the new rules from going into effect nationwide while lawsuits make their way through federal courts.

More than 200,000 public comments were received during the 60-day comment period when the new DHS rules were proposed, the most ever submitted to the DHS for any rule, Allen said.

But she warned the new DHS public charge rules are only part of something bigger.

“The battle is not over,” she said. “The administration is ramping up other threats to make immigrants feel afraid and unwelcome.”


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