The Next Government Stimulus Needs to Bail Out the Child Care Industry

By Lizzy Francis


Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith have recognized that problem. They joined forces to release a $50 billion plan to shore up the child care system that is set to be released in the next coronavirus relief package. According to Loewenberg, there are three major ways that funding would help the child care industry in both the short and long term. While he notes that the CARES Act that passed a month ago added $3.5 billion into the system, that’s not nearly enough to help an already faltering system when 30 percent of child care centers won’t be able to re-open if they’re out of business for as little as three weeks. A Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) report recently found that the child care industry would need as much as $9.3 billion per month to survive the pandemic financially. The Warren-Smith plan recognizes that and puts the funding to good use.


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