Ivanka Trump claims her father’s administration is ‘pro-family.’ That’s rich.

By Catherine Rampell 

“Huh. Irony isn’t dead after all.

“Under [President Trump’s] leadership, families have never had a brighter future,” Ivanka Trump declared, astonishingly, during a White House summit Thursday on working families. “In every action he takes, the president is putting American families first.”

Well, maybe it’s irony. Or maybe it’s her latest attempt to pinkwash her father’s anti-family (and especially anti-child) agenda.

Given the expanding economy, for instance, you might assume that more American families had gained health insurance under Trump’s tenure. Nope. Under this administration, the share of Americans who are uninsured has been rising.

Even more damning, 425,000 children lost their insurance in 2018.

In fact, the sharpest increase in the uninsured rate was among children whom Ivanka Trump claims the administration prioritizes most: those from low- and moderate-income families. Most are likely eligible for Medicaid or CHIP but are not enrolled.”


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Source URL: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ivanka-trump-claims-her-fathers-administration-is-pro-family-thats-rich/2019/12/12/cfdde2ca-1d23-11ea-87f7-f2e91143c60d_story.html