Eight states have programs that give workers paid time off. Does that help or hurt Colorado’s chances?

By Jennifer Brown


In California, higher-income workers who had access to high-level human resources departments were more likely to know about the benefit and get help filing the application. 

About 95% of the lowest-wage workers in the country get no family leave through their employer, Gupta said. “This iterative process has been very helpful because it’s based on who is left out,” she said. “That’s the critical thing, that these policies are meeting the needs.”

There is no evidence so far that any of the programs are getting crushed by the coronavirus pandemic, and Gupta believes that’s because the programs are just one of many federal and state programs — including unemployment benefits and the federal coronavirus relief package — aimed at helping people through a crisis.


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Source URL: https://coloradosun.com/2020/09/09/paid-family-leave-ballot-measure/