Commentary | Mo High student on college admissions scandal: “This revolts me”

By Rana Banakhah


For years, many Americans have speculated that our university system has favored the wealthy and powerful over the common person. Just recently, these speculations have proven true, as authorities have uncovered a massive scandal where children of wealthy and successful parents are being accepted into various prestigious universities through tactical cheating.

The scheme, created by former college counselor William Singer, revolved around several résumé-boosting lies, which “guaranteed families to get in,” he said. Parents paid other students to take exams for their children, had their children falsely diagnosed with learning disabilities, and fabricated sports records all in an effort to boost their child’s chance of being admitted. The plot involved bribery, cheating and lying, with parents well-informed about the illegality. Singer even helped them rehearse the lies they would tell others to cover their tracks. As soon as this scandal was revealed to the public, an uproar of outrage commenced.

As a high school student, this situation revolts me.


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