Advocates Fear Immigrant Families Could Shun Benefits Under Proposed Trump Rule

Wendy Cervantes was quoted in this September 24, 2018, Education Week article written by Christina Samuels:

However, Wendy Cervantes, a senior policy analyst on immigration and immigrant families for the Center for Law and Social Policy, said that her organization still has grave concerns about the proposal.  Once rumors started getting out that the Trump administration was considering making it harder for public benefit recipients to earn green cards, it started a chilling effect, CLASP has noted through its own research

“We heard directly from parents as well as providers that parents were opting to play it safe and avoid use of public programs out of fear of possibly compromising their immigration status down the road,” Cervantes said. Children still stand to suffer if their parents have no access to public benefits that provide health care or to housing, she added. 

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